Stanley Steemer Promo Code

Stanley Steemer Promo Code

Stanley Steemer commercial cleaning coupons

          When you consider using Stanley Steemer’s stand-out commercial cleaning service, one thing you have to keep in mind is you can always pay less than usual. Stanley Steemer’s promo code and coupons were designed to make your decision easier. These coupons come in a form of discount or additional service. There are 2 simple ways you could get all these coupons. First, by subscribing at and received them via e-mail along with other cleaning tips. Second, you can go to the nearest Stanley Steemer’s service station and get them from staffs there.

          There is some good Stanley Steemer commercial cleaning promo code available. For instance, ‘COLD’ is a promo code that specifically designed for air-duct cleaning customer. By utilizing this promo code, you could have the entire ventilation system cleaned just for $35. Other popular promo code is ‘SPECIAL’ which offer you an all-in-one deep cleaning which include carpet, furniture and air-duct cleaning just for $99. You could have your house cleaned as well as the whole ventilation system without additional charge, what is better than this! All you have to know after have this promo code is type them before you make a purchase online or print out some printable coupons and bring them to Stanley Steemer’s service station

           Another interesting Stanley Steemer promo code is ‘THANK’ which would take as much as $30 off tile and grout cleaning cost or ‘Jan30’ which give you a $30 discount from any cleaning service. While some popular promo codes such as ‘SAVE’ or ‘afm3p’ could give you up to 20% discount or ‘SPECIAL’ which you can use to have a room completely cleaned just for $99.


Why Stanley Steemer Promo Code?

          Stanley Steemer offers commercial cleaning services which is pretty similar with other professional cleaning companies in the US, but its ‘wow factor’ is nothing but Stanley Steemer promo code which comes out every month online. This promo code could help you reduce a lot of cleaning expense as well as give you many additional commercial cleaning services such as free cleaning, free Stanley Steemer cleaning products or have one more room cleaned for free.

          Moreover, this promo code would cost you nothing and very easy to get. All you need to do is subscribe via and you will receive promo code and coupon sent to your mailbox every month. Another way as I mentioned above is that you can search promo code via, there are many promotion-related websites that gather Stanley Steemer promo code for you, but you have to make sure that the promo code is validated and still applicable. Please note that once you used one Stanley Steemer promo code, you can’t use the same promo code again. Another good option is Stanley Steemer printable coupon that you can print out and apply with Stanley Steemer technician after cleaning finished to get discount


Stanley Steemer Promo Code

Why choosing Stanley Steemer Commercial Cleaning Service

           There are plenty of reasons why I recommended you to choose Stanley Steemer instead of other professional cleaning companies as follows.

          Firstly, Stanley Steemer has good reputation nationwide. The company kicked off their business in late 1940s and gradually expanded their commercial cleaning service ever since. More than five decades, Stanley Steemer has served generations of American. The company reliability and professionality never put into doubt, of course, mistakes can occur unintentionally, but Stanley Steemer know how to handle problems, if you are not satisfied with cleaning result, you can ask for re-cleaning within 24 Hrs. without additional charge. This is why Stanley Steemer stands against time for the past half century, they put customers’ interest before anything else.

          Secondly, Stanley Steemer offers all-in-one commercial cleaning services including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Natural Stone Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning and Water damage restoration. All of them are professional deep cleaning service plus 24/7 emergency service for water damage restoration. With broad range of commercial cleaning services, you can get whatever you want by just call 1800 Stanley Steemer.

          Thirdly, Stanley Steemer guaranteed that their cleaning services are safe and environmental-friendly. The company was certified for asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America in three commercial cleaning namely carpet cleaning, Tile & grout cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning which could guarantee that people with allergy will not be affected by Stanley Steemer commercial cleaning service because they always make sure that they leave nothing behind but safe, healthy and clean environment for their customers.

How to pay Stanley Steemer

                    The standard cost for Stanley Steemer commercial cleaning service is estimate around $15 to $40 per room or around $140 for three bed rooms and a hall. This is a normal price for professional cleaning in the US. However, you can pay less than this price by applying Stanley Steemer promo code which could grant you promotions, discount and additional services like I have mentioned above in this article. You can simply receive those Stanley Steemer commercial cleaning promo code by subscribing via or searching through the internet. How to pay Stanley Steemer is obviously easy, you can either pay online while booking Stanley Steemer cleaning service via or pay directly with Stanley Steemer technicians. Please note that Stanley Steemer confirmed that you don’t need to tip technician but it generally accepted if you choose willingly to do so. Tip could be a small gift for hardworking Stanley Steemer technicians who trained heavily to perfect their cleaning skills as well as good manners.

          If you are interested in Stanley Steemer commercial cleaning service you can either call 1800 Steemer or visit for more inquiries. Another way to contact the company is via Stanley Steemer service station locates in all states throughout America and don’t forget to apply Stanley Steemer promo code and coupons. These promotions could give you a lot more than you expected with discounts, additional services and so much more.

          This article is my honest review on Stanley Steemer cleaning service, but it’s your decision to try the company’s cleaning service yourself. Choose wisely.


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