Top 5 Office Cleaning London

There is no where like London, some might say. Love her or not, London is truly one the most well-known city in the World with historic sites, legends and lively night life. However, like most capital and business city around the World, London is always crowded and people living there always busy and don’t have much time to do anything even cleaning their office. That’s why professional cleaners are what you are looking for. Here are the top 5 professional officer cleaning companies in London based on customer reviews that you could use as information for the next big cleaning day of your office.    

1.The London Office Cleaning Company


Top 5 Office Cleaning London

        The London Office Cleaning Company is no stranger when it comes to office cleaning business. The company offers variety of commercial cleaning services including executive office cleaning services, Tile Floor Maintenance Programs, Carpet Maintenance Programs, Complete Restroom Sanitation, Upholstery Cleaning and Window Cleaning. Also, they offer some additional services such as Regular Maintenance Cleaning, Carpet Steam Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Polishing and Buffing and Flood Damage Cleaning. Please note that all of their cleaning operations will be closely supervised by evaluation staff to ensure that you will get the best performance possible as well as guarantee best service and professional attitude.

          Significantly, The London Office Cleaning Company emphasize that their office cleaning must be environmental-friendly with their Environmental Cleaning Systems using micro-fibre cleaning cloths to remove dust, dirt and allergens from your office without a single drop of detergent and chemical. This to make sure that your post-cleaning office will be chemical-free and good for people with allergies working there as well their children who might visit their office after school. All of this because for London Cleaning Company, cleaning is necessary but a safe and green cleaning is a must.

Visit their website: The London Office Cleaning Company

Address: 22 Station Cl, Potters Bar EN6 1TL, UK

Contact: +44 1707 629279

Payment: Online payment via credit card, cash, or cheque


2.Universal Cleaning & Support Services


Top 5 Office Cleaning London

Universal Cleaning states themselves as a leading commercial office cleaning company on London with variety of commercial cleaning services to offer. According to Tomas Crewe, one of the company recent customer; he said that Universal cleaning is a great company to use, always efficient, helpful and the company cleaners did a good job to deliver satisfying outcome. The company received a lot of of positive reviews and trusted by many top brands and companies such as Randstad, Clinova, The Plum guide and Glen Dimplex.

          Universal Cleaning & Support Services Offer broad range of cleaning services including office cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, retail cleaning and communal area cleaning. Though Universal cleaning is expertise in many fields of cleaning, but office cleaning is the field they claimed to be the best among other companies. They offer office cleaning service to all types of businesses, big or small companies alike. Also, they offer schedule-cleaning program including daily, bi-weekly and monthly office cleaning service with acceptable cleaning price Moreover, Universal Cleaning’s office cleaning services is adjustable and can be customized to meet customers’ needs, that is to say, Universal Cleaning’s staffs can work both day and night to deliver the most satisfying outcome to their customers and this is why you shouldn’t overlook Universal Cleaning when it comes to office cleaning services in London.

Visit Their Website: Universal Cleaning & Support Services

Address: Babington road, London SW16 6AH

Contact: –

Payment: Online payment via credit card, cash, or cheque


3.Swift Office Cleaning


Top 5 Office Cleaning London

Swift Office Cleaning is a five decades old all-in-one cleaning company located in London and has plenty of cleaning services to offer range from daily cleaning, washroom service, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning and health centre cleaning. The company also certified by many international standards including ISO 9001 and SAFEcontractor accreditation and ISO 14001 for environmental responsibilities.

          Swift Office Cleaning’s customers range from individuals and large company with many floors, the company commit to deliver reliable and quality-assured cleaning services. Their cleaning staffs are well-trained to cope with various forms of cleaning difficulties and different surfaces but the most important thing is that Swift Office Cleaning emphasize heavily on customer’s safety by implementing consumable janitorial supplies in collaboration with cleaning equipment like cloths, mops, buckets, and vacuum to maintain safe and chemical-free environment of your office. However, what makes Swift Office Cleaning standouts among other office cleaning company is their Health Centre Cleaning service which will be perfect if your office is a medical centre that require specific-type of cleaning as well as robust Infection Prevention procedures that you cannot obtain from any other cleaning companies.

          In sum, Swift Officer Cleaning is a strong choice if you considered using professional office cleaning company in London, their professionality is no doubt and health-related cleaning option is quite impressive, furthermore the company has a half century reputation so it is quite reliable to bring you the most satisfying outcome.

Visit Their Website: Swift Office Cleaning

Address: Swift Office Cleaning Services (Hounslow) Limited 439 Great West Road

Hounslow Middlesex TW5 0BY.

Contact: 020 8577 3200

John Wright    Managing Director      email:

Danny Gazdic MBICSc  Works Director  email:

Payment: Online payment via credit card, cash, or cheque


4.Regional Services


Top 5 Office Cleaning London

Regional Services is al large office cleaning company with more than 600 cleaning contracts in different areas of London, meaning that they will have at least one cleaning contract near your office. The company has founded in 2014, comparatively young with other office cleaning companies in London, but its reputation overgrown its age. Regional Services has pretty good customer services and website that responsive to their customer needs. The company offers various types of cleaning services including daily office cleaning, commercial cleaning service, contract cleaning service and emergency cleaning service. Also, the company offers almost type of cleaning and additional services range from handyman service, maintenance service, garden maintenance, waste management and pest control. That is to say, if you considered using Regional Service London, this is to closest thing to all-in-one office cleaning service you can get in London.

          Apart from this, the company also offer deals and quotes for discount which you can get by visiting their official site and click ‘get the free quote’ by doing so, you will need to fill up a free quote form, just your name, email address and phone number and then you will receive free promotion quote sent you your mailbox as soon as possible.

Visit Their Website: Regional Services

Address: Regional Services 1 Bethwin Road London SE5 0SN

Contact: 020 7708 3814,

Payment: Online payment via credit card, cash, or cheque


5.Master Cleaners


Top 5 Office Cleaning London

Master Cleaners is not a new face in office cleaning business, the company has been operating in London for more than 25 years with reputation from firms, industries and offices across London. Master Cleaners offers typical office cleaning services including office furniture cleaning, office carpet $ floor cleaning, office bathrooms & toilets sanitizing. But this is not the only thing the company has to offer, Master Cleaners also expertise in broad field of cleaning such as bar cleaning, nightclub cleaning, restaurant cleaning hotel cleaning as well as cinema cleaning. That is to say, regardless of your business size, big or small, Master Cleaners is ready at your service with solid guarantee on premium cleaning quality and customer satisfaction.

          Moreover, Master Cleaners offers good deals that you can use to get discount. How to get these quotes require visiting Master Cleaners official website, find ‘free quote’ tab and fill free quote form and then you will get free quote and latest promotion sent to you via email. In short, Master Cleaners will perfectly suit you whether you are office employees, hotel owner, nightclub owner or cinema manger. The company has everything you need for office cleaning in London.

Visit Their Website: Master Cleaners

Address: Master Cleaners Ltd 4 Old Park Lane Mayfair London W1K 1QW

Contact: 0845 071 1397,

Payment: Online payment via credit card, cash, or cheque


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