5 Carpet Cleaning Tips Even A 5-Year-Old Kid can do

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips Even A 5-Year-Old Kid can do Topofficecleaner.com

Carpet Cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of the things we hate but simply unavoidable. However, there are so many cleaning techniques that could make you life much easier and everybody can do it without taking too much time. These are 5 easy carpet cleaning tips that even a 5-year-old kid can understand and do it correctly.


1.Clean your carpet every 6 months


5 Carpet Cleaning Tips Even A 5-Year-Old Kid can do Topofficecleaner.com

 The heart of carpet cleaning is frequency. Based on carpet cleaning experts from Stanley Steemer, leading carpet cleaning company, you should have your carpet cleaned every 6 months. This is the same principle as air conditioner cleaning to remove dust, allergens and grime that hidden inside carpet fibers. These threats, even cannot see with your naked eyes, but totally harmful. According to The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, allergens hidden in your house whether in air duct, carpet, or upholstery are one of the main causes of allergy. This prevent this, you should clean your carpet every 6 months by water or steamer, the other way is booking professional carpet cleaning services which are many out there and have interesting deals and promotions.

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2.Clean Carpet in the area you most spend time first


5 Carpet Cleaning Tips Even A 5-Year-Old Kid can do Topofficecleaner.com
5 Carpet Cleaning Tips Even A 5-Year-Old Kid can do Topofficecleaner.com

Not all carpets are used equally. There will be some place in your house that you spend time more than others, if there is a carpet in that room, clean it first! This is because you could unintentionally carry bacteria and dirt from outside to area you frequently traveled to and dirty carpet there with those allergens on your feet. It is significant to keep checking carpet in this area because the more you use it the more it gets dirtier. You could easily vacuum the carpet and the area once a week to prevent allergens from growing and cause negative effect to you and your family healthy environment.

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3.Clean carpet with blotting papers


Clean carpet with blotting papers
Clean carpet with blotting papers

If your kid accidentally spills a ketchup on your beloved carpet, what will you do? A) Rub spills immediately with a wet towel B) give your kid a toilet paper and a bowl of hot water and order he to clean it C) Throw the carpet away and buy a new one. Of course, none of these choices is what some people will do not what they should do. The best way to handle spills on carpet is to blot it up with blotting papers. This will prevent stain from soaking into carpet fibers which makes it more difficult to clean. Blotting paper is cheap and easily to find, it’s something most housewives have so taken one or two to clean carpet would be a much better choice than rubbing with wet tower or buy the new one.

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4.Clean carpet with Dry Cleaner Powder

One of the easiest ways to remove stains and allergens from you carpet is by using carpet cleaner powder. You can either use the powder or baking soda depend on your convenience. How to use powder to clean carpet is pretty easy. All you need to do is to apply the powder to the dirty area on your carpet, leaves it overnight for better efficiency, then when the powder has softened the stains on carpet, you can simply blot powder up or vacuum it along with stains and allergens. This method is both easy and practical, even your 5-year-old kid can do it by himself.

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5.Clean Carpet with Ice Cube

Did you know that ice cube we put on a glass of lemonade is a hero of carpet cleaning tip? What would you do if you found your kid’s old gum from last week stick on your carpet surface? This could be a nightmare for majority of housewives but not you. To remove sticky gum without harming carpet fibers, you must scrub ice cube on the gum to harden it up, before carefully take it off the carpet surface. See, nothing’s difficult, carpet cleaning is simple as that even your kids can do it. However, you don’t have time or don’t want to risk destroying your carpet, you could let professional carpet cleaning company take care it for you. There are a lot of carpet cleaning services you could book depend on your needs and specification.  

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