TubeBuddy Chrome What is it? How to use it?

Some of you might heard about TubeBuddy Chrome before, but only a few of you might know what is it and how to use it for your benefits. This article will highlight about what is TubeBuddy and how it functions. I hope after you finished reading this short article, you will know more about TubeBuddy and try to use it for yourself as I do.

What is TubeBuddy Chrome

In sum, Tube Buddy Chrome or TubeBuddy Chrome is an extension of Google Chrome that will equip you will manager tools for YouTube. Especially, if you are a YouTuber and spend so much times making video clip for money, TubeBuddy will be the right tool for all of you. Once you install TubeBuddy as extension in your Google Chrome and open YouTube, you will see TubeBuddy tool one the upper corner of YouTube page as well as in account setting which you help you manage your YouTube channel much easier.

Tube Buddy Chrome is now being used in many leading corporations around the globe such as Pepsi, Fox Sports, All State, Family Feud and Mountain Dew, for example.

How to use TubeBuddy Chrome

TubeBuddy Chrome is pretty simple tool to use, all you need to do is download it from Google store and install it to your Google Chrome just like any other Chrome extensions. TubeBuddy will improve your ways of using YouTube and make things much easier, for example:

  • You can generate code from your YouTube’s video clip to embed in your websites or social media accounts faster and easier.
  • You can customize YouTube interface as much as you like.
  • You can select multiple Card Templates for your YouTube channels.
  • Comment filters that facilitate your searching for specific words in comment section.
  • Default Uploaded Profile: You don’t have to update your profile every time you post new clip.
  • Notification Commenting: allow you to reply comments from notification windows.
  • Publish to Facebook: Post your clip to Facebook the same time you upload it on YouTube.
  • Schedule Publish: Set timing for your clip publish, especially on prime time.
  • Thumbnail Generator: Help you select and create thumbnail from TubeBuddy storage.

TubeBuddy Install

You can download and install TubeBuddy Free version by follow these steps


  1. First Open Google Chrome > Click ‘Red Home’ button on the upper right corner of your page.
  2. Click More Tools > Extensions > Open Chrome Web Store.
  3. Now when you are at Chrome Web Store, Type ‘TubeBuddy’ on search box you will see ‘TubeBuddy Chrome app’ appear.
  4. Click Add to Chrome, then the small window will pop up and ask you to confirm TubeBuddy Install process, click ‘Add Extension’ to confirm and wait until the process is finish. Now you will have to restart your Google Chrome.
  5. Open YouTube and if you successfully install Tube Buddy Chrome you will see TubeBuddy Chrome menu on the top of your YouTube channel.


Who should use TubeBuddy Chrome

– YouTuber, professional video editor, publisher

– Search Engine Optimization Specialist

– YouTuber lover

TubeBuddy Pricing

Presently, you can download TubeBuddy Free Version to use as you like. However, if you want to step up with more tools and flexibility, you can also use TubeBuddy premium which have 3 packages to offers including

– TubeBuddy Pro        $9/Monthly    Access to most Productivity and Video Optimization Tools

– TubeBuddy Star       $19/Monthly   Access to all tools plus Bulk Processing Tools.

– TubeBuddy Legend  $49/Monthly   Package for Professional YouTuber with everything TubeBuddy Chrome has to offer plus customer service.

TubeBuddy Chrome or Tube Buddy Chrome is pretty useful for YouTuber and YouTube lover, you can download TubeBuddy Free version to try right now by follow those steps we mentioned above, if you have more inquiries regarding TubeBuddy you can go to their official site and find more details there.


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