Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year Greetings & Wishes 2023

Lunar New Year or some might call Lunar New Year is imminent. The time for celebration has come. Chinese people from around the World will return home and reunite with their family in the Chinese New Year 2023. This is probably the most important Chinese festivals of them all and it was held only once a year in January. If you have Chinese friends, you can text them Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year 2023 Wishes that we have provided below to make them happy. You’re welcome.

新正如意 新年发财    Wish you happiness, fortune and good health throughout this Chinese New Year 2023

新年快樂  Wish you happiness in Chinese New Year

恭贺新年  Happy Chinese New Year

恭喜发财  Wish you a huge fortune

日进斗金  Wish you victory and money

大吉大利  Wish you good trade and fortune in Chinese New Year 2023

招财进宝  Wish you a flood of money and gold

金玉满堂 Wish you money, gold and good health

日日有见财 Wish you have everyday full of gold

黄金万两 Wish you trade well, gold coming in a lot in this Chinese New Year 2023

年年大赚钱 Wish you rich this Chinese New Year

财源广进 Wish you gold and money.

年年有余 Wish you plentifulness.

一本万利 Wish you have a huge profit.

祝你顺利 Wish you success.

祝您步步高升 ! Wish you promotion in your career.

福禄双全 Wish you good luck and fortune.

事业发达 Wish you have a good business in Chinese New Year 2023

福寿万万年 Wish you live 10,000 years

龙马精神  Wish you good health.

四季平安 Wish you safe and sound.

祝你长寿 Wish you live long and prosper.

祝你健康 Wish you strength and good health.

身体健康 Wish you excellent health in this Chinese New Year 2023.