30 Love Quotes that will blow His mind

Love quote

A good picture may worth a thousand words, but a perfect Instagram photo with good caption may worth millions. Everyone wants their love ones to engage in their posts on social media but sometimes it’s quite difficult to put together good photo with great caption especially if you want to send your romantic message to your boyfriend or your crush. These are 30 Love Quotes that will blow His mind when he saw you photo with this caption on twitter or Instagram.


1. Let’s flip a coin, heads, you’re mine, tails I’m yours. Fair enough.

2. Please tie your shoes I don’t want you falling for anyone except me.

3. Hey… is it me, the love of your life.

4. I’m a bubble to your bubble tea

5. Do I know you? Cause you look a lot like my next boyfriend



Love quote

6. Please subscribe me for my phone number

7. Don’t mess with a short girl or you will give me a cowgirl ride

8. My Biggest Dream Is making you my family

9. You made the best version of me

10. Life is too short to be alone, let’s stay together


Love quote

11. I think you’re lacking vitamin ME.

12. Life is beautiful, my darling, and so are you

13. If you are Mine, you are Mine. I don’t like Sharing

14. Excuse me …. Please empty your pockets …. I think you stole my heart

15. I think I have a strange feeling, a feeling for you.


Love quote

16. Out of all the books I read, you are the first one I would buy judging only from its cover.

17. Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I always smile.

18. I will stop missing you when I am with you

19. You are ridiculously cute, can I keep you?

20. You’re not my No.1 but you’re my only 1


Love quote

21. Life without you is like twitter without hashtag.

22. My first name and your last name would sound great together

23. I hope one day people will call me by your last name.

24. I’m home whenever you hold me.

25. My weakness was chocolate, but now it’s you


Love quote

26. You’re my favorite Daydream

27. You are the risk I’ll always take

28. Your face is the very first thing I want to see when I open my eyes and very lasting when I close my eyes.

29. People can judge us but they can never judge our hearts.

30. My life was an endless journey to find happiness but it ended when I found you.