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Best Carpet Cleaning Companies

          The Roman empire did not make of bricks, but it was gradually constructed by honorable souls and fellowship of strong-will Roman citizens.

So did Stanley Steemer.

There is no supernatural power that encouraged Roman to become a leading global power around 2,000 years ago, Stanley Steemer is no different story.

Since the company grounded its carpet-cleaning business in 1947, Stanley Steemer’s staff has never stop developing the best ways and techniques to bring out the ultimate outcome in commercial cleaning. Their technicians have been trained to become professional cleaners who master in various types of cleaning including Stanley Steemer’s commercial carpet cleaning with exclusive hot-water extraction method which took many years of invention. Moreover, Stanley Steemer has been in journey to discover the best experience in cleaning for more a half-century. This mean their service were guaranteed by the past generations who recommend Stanley Steemer to their children like family’s ethics. In short, Stanley Steemer offer you variety of cleaning services from carpet cleaning to water restoration and utterly important, you could afford all these services without having to worry about its worthiness because when you choose Stanley Steemer, they will ensure you that you made a right decision for the best carpet cleaning company in the US.


Why Stanley Steemer so good at commercial carpet-cleaning?

“Why Stanley Steemer claimed that they’re the best in commercial carpet-cleaning, could I trust this company and let my beloved Persian carpet to be kept under their supervision?”

The question above may come up to your mind in 2 second, but it takes more than 50 years for Stanley Steemer to prepare the most satisfying answers.

First and foremost, Stanley Steemer has probably the longest history of serving Americans in carpet-cleaning. Their service never falls short of their customers’ expectation. With thousands of yellow vans in operations on every nationwide road, Stanley Steemer could be at your service immediately after you called them wherever you are. In addition, Stanley Steemer have more than 200 service stations across the country which you can buy Stanley Steemer’s commercial cleaning products or book the cleaning service in person. This mean Stanley Steemer offer you not only various types of cleaning service but also the most reliable one indeed.

Secondly, when it comes to carpet-cleaning, Stanley Steemer is arguably the best in the field, how could I dare say that? Because it takes much more than wind and water to remove dirt, stain and soil out of a single carpet. This require a specific knowledge of carpet condition along with highly-trained cleaning technique, fortunately, Stanley Steemer’s technicians meet all of these requirement. That’s why Stanley Steemer is the best cleaning service in America.

In sum, with combination of long history of cleaning service and groundbreaking technique, Stanley Steemer could ensure you that when the yellow van arrived and their technicians approached your doorsteps, the carpet will feel relieved to know that it will have a good time with the best carpet cleaning company in US.


Stanley Steemer commercial Carpet Cleaning Promo codes

          One of the stuffs that make Stanley Steemer great is their promo codes. Common customers usually get used to Stanley Steemer’s coupon which they could use to get the discount. For newcomers, you could get Stanley Steemer’s promo codes by 2 ways. First, visit and subscribe, shortly afterward you will get the coupons attached with responsive e-mails. Another way is simple, visit Stanley Steemer’s service station and ask for coupon codes, you could also use them at once when buying cleaning products there.

          It takes much longer time to build than destroy. Stanley Steemer has been attempting to move forward against the wind of change and they try everything the keep the cleaning standard at the highest level possible. This is why Stanley Steemer is the king of carpet cleaning. This is why it is the best of its kind in America.


Let Stanley Steemer take care of your beloved furniture

          What would you do if your cute puppy peed on your favorite dining table? Well, you could wash it easily with water, but to eradicate the smell is a different story. Evidently, smell is difficult to remove especially when it stuck on wooden furniture. This is truly a pain in the ass.

          Stanley Steemer’s technicians have been trained for this task.

          Be it a wooden table or leather sofa, Stanley Steemer’s technicians could nail it within few hours. They have been instructed to cope with countless forms of dirtiness, moreover they always stick to exact and routine cleaning procedure and will not do anything without your consent. Before cleaning, they will carefully examine the condition of your furniture in order to pick the right cleaning method, then they will try to remove dry soils, stains and invisible threats such as germs, virus and bacteria from your furniture. They work step-by-step to bring out the best outcome without rushing and will take as much time as possible to end the day with a large smile on your face. Stanley Steemer is not just a company that send people to clean up your house and leave like they never been there, but they are trying to give you the best experience in furniture cleaning and there is only one way to reach that goal; you; the customers, must be highly satisfied with Stanley Steemer’s furniture cleaning service when everything is done.


Stanley Steemer’s commercial upholstery cleaning promo codes

          Resemble to carpet-cleaning service, Stanley Steemer also offer you a bunch of promo codes when it comes to furniture cleaning. You could get all of these coupons by either subscribe at or visit their service station in your neighborhood. Other convenient way is keep in touch with our website to get the latest updates about Stanley Steemer’s furniture cleaning promo codes, we will try to update the coupons as soon as they come out.

          There are plenty of furniture-cleaning discount coupons you can choose. For instance, promo code ‘AFCM2P’ could give you as much as 20% off any cleaning service you booked online or ‘ANY15’ can also give you 15% discount from any Stanley Steemer’s furniture-cleaning service.

          It’s true that carpet-cleaning is Stanley Steemer’s area of specialization, but everybody has an additional latent talent, and the expertise in furniture cleaning is Stanley Steemer’s, that’s why they are the best, not only in the field of carpet cleaning, but furniture- cleaning as well.

Stanley Steemer commercial air duct-cleaning service

          One of the most common health problem found among Americans is respiratory syndrome. Human couldn’t’t stay alive more than two minutes without air, but the air we breathe in order to live today is far from fresh. The air is no doubt essential to our lives, but it is also home of many health threats including bacteria, virus, germs which spreading invisibly through air. That’s mean air duct could be the dirtiest place in your home if you don’t clean your it properly and regularly.  Air duct could become a place where bacteria and germs gathered and settled down as its home, if you let this happened, your family’s health will be in a grave danger.

          Stanley Steemer has decades of experience in air duct cleaning. Their professional technicians were trained to handle this challenging job with high standard. Household air circulation system is more complex than you might realized. Whether it is cool or heat system, the air that circulate in your house are easy to be contaminate with bacteria. This makes cleaning the ventilation system is more than essential to keep your family members healthy. Fortunately, you don’t have to suit up in cleanroom jumpsuit, wield your best duster and climb to clear up your house’s air duct yourself. Stanley Steemer’s is waiting for your call with eagerness to eradicate bacteria out of your air duct once and for all.


Reduce your electronic bill with Stanley Steemer

          Your house’s air ventilation system is like a car, if it’s working everyday it would likely become dirty. When your air duct was filled with dirt and debris which is unavoidable, your ventilation system no matter it is air conditioner or heater must work harder than usual. This would consume more energy and consequence cause higher electronic bill. Stanley Steemer could help you lower your bill as well as protect your family from invisible threat like bacteria.

          The company’s air duct cleaning service was certified by Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and their technicians were highly-trained to live up to this honor. While other cleaning company offer a simple air duct cleaning, Stanley Steemer must a further step and have something more to offer. The company deep air-duct cleaning is second to none, they offer you a complete cleaning of the whole ventilation system including vent covers and main trunk line. Stanley Steemer’s technicians would not only clean your air duct but create a protection against dirt and debris which will last long for more than a year. So if you choose Stanley Steemer’s air duct cleaning service, you could lower your electronic bill for many months and this is more than worthy comparing to the cost of Stanley Steemer’s service which already cheaper than most.


Stanley Steemer commercial air-duct cleaning promo codes

          Like other cleaning service, Stanley Steemer offer you the best chance to pay less but still get a premium service. That’s how Stanley Steemer commercial air-duct cleaning coupons and promo codes work. You could get those promo codes by subscribe at Stanley Steemer’s official site or contact staff at your local service station. There are some air-duct cleaning promo codes available. For instance, ‘COLD’ is a promo code that specifically designed for air-duct cleaning customer. By utilizing this promo code, you could have the entire ventilation system cleaned just for $35. Other popular promo code is ‘SPECIAL’ which offer you an all-in-one deep cleaning which include carpet, furniture and air-duct cleaning just for $99. You could have your house cleaned as well as the whole ventilation system without additional charge, what is better than this!

          All you have to know after have this promo code is type them before you make a purchase online or print out some printable coupons and bring them to Stanley Steemer’s service station.

          With Stanley Steemer’s air-duct cleaning promo codes, you could prevent yourself and family from bacteria, allergy and more harmful respiratory syndrome at just affordable price.


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