Best Way to clean windows in 5 Minutes

Best Way to clean windows in 5 Minutes TOPOFFICECLEANER.COM

Best way to wash window

         Most people take it for grant that washing window is simply job until they have no choice but do it themselves. To be honest, window washing is probably one of hardest and most complicated types of cleaning. You will never know how the cleaning turns out until it all dried up and you might have to clean it all over again! However, there are very useful way to clean windows much easier which we eager to share with you in this article.


1.Never forget to remove dust and dirt from windows


Best Way to clean windows in 5 Minutes TOPOFFICECLEANER.COM

Never be too rush on window washing or you will be sorry afterward. Dust and dirt could cause many problems, for example if there is dust and dirt left on the glass while you apply water, it will turn into muddy mess and complicate your cleaning. That’s why you need to sweep them out of window by using microfiber duster or vacuum cleaner. It won’t take too long but ensure you that you will never have to clean the same window twice in a day!

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2.Microfiber cloth help a lot!


Best Way to clean windows in 5 Minutes TOPOFFICECLEANER.COM

You can use microfiber cloth to clean simply almost everything including windows. It is very affordable and can reuse for multiple times. Also, microfiber cloth is much softer than newspaper or paper towel. It is a good absorbent that compatible with all types of cleaning solutions. All you need to do is spraying glass cleaners all over the glass and wipe it with microfiber cloth until it become shiny and streak-free.


3.Use the best glass cleaners


Best Way to clean windows in 5 Minutes TOPOFFICECLEANER.COM

Key to success in window cleaning is nothing more than using the right glass cleaner. If you choose the best one, all of difficulties in window washing will be eliminated like dust and dirt on your window. Of course, the hard question is what’s the best glass cleaner. Well, there are so many brands you can choose from amazon, but we should listen to what professional cleaners have to say about this. According to The Good Housekeeping Institute, You should use top-tested cleaners like Invisible Glass 91160 Premium Glass Cleaner which has so many interesting features like no-drip EZ grip handle, has a residue free formula, Ammonia-free and Safe for use on tinted windows. By applying Invisible Glass 91160, a little drop of cleaner and a microfiber cloth wipe is enough to remove mess out of your windows once and for all.

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4.Use cider vinegar for window washing


Best Way to clean windows in 5 Minutes TOPOFFICECLEANER.COM

If you don’t want to buy glass cleaners, you can always make one for yourself. All you need is just water, cider vinegar and rubbing alcohol 70% concentration. Combine all these magic ingredients in a bottle and shake until it ready to use. This homemade glass cleaner may not make your post-cleaning windows smell good like using glass cleaners, but it proves effective and affordable.


5.Never wash window on sunny day


Best Way to clean windows in 5 Minutes TOPOFFICECLEANER.COM

Unlike washing your clothes, washing windows on sunny day will make glass cleaners dry up too fast before you can wash it with water. This will become disaster if cleaner turn into streaks that hard to remove and then you might have to totally unnecessarily wash your windows twice in one day! So, we know you don’t wash windows so often but when you do so, pick the right cloudy day.

         There are so many best ways to clean windows but this is not everyone cup of tea. If you don’t have time to clean windows yourself, you can always use professional cleaning services like Stanley Steemer or some other companies in your area. Pay a little higher for professional cleaner to do their job and you will never have to worry about it again until next year.

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