5 Ways to save money on your water bill


Avoiding spend too much on Water Bills

         Water Bill is your passive expense that you have to pay for it every month. That’s why it is significant to find ways to save money on it. We have provided you some choices that might be useful.


1.Turn off The Tap when shaving or brushing your teeth



This is more than simple. We often let the water run like it is fountain of youth or something, turn off the faucet while shaving or brushing your teeth. I’m sure the water will come out when you turn it on! Using a cup of hot water is one thing you should do; it doesn’t cost too much but could help save a lot of money and you will have a reason to buy new cool cup of coffee.


2.Stop the drain on water resources at all source points



Update your plumbing with low-flow faucets, showerheads, aerators, and low-flush toilets, and don’t forget to check for any leak at least once a week.


3.Keep water cool



If your water is cool, your water bill will be cool as well. Saving hot water only for bath and shaving and lower water temperature for mopping, washing, and soaking help saving money a lot. Keep the water heater at 120F or less, you’re not going to boil a chicken there!


4.Take shorter showers



Yes, we have a long day and having a long shower could relax our body and heal our tired mind. However, the research shows that you can save almost 4,000 gallons of water per year by reducing shower time by just four minutes. This may sound unnecessary, but it could help saving as much as $100 you spend on water, gas and electricity bill for a year. Rethink about it and take a shorter shower.


5.Run full loads of dishes and laundry



Well, this is what men do when we are all alone! However, our mom or wife could stand it and run the washer 3-4 times a day! This is not good for your water and electricity bill. You should wait for the full load of dished and laundry before running your washer, maybe twice or three time a week would be an acceptable number depend on the number of people in your family. I’m sure this is what men can do best to save money on water bill because we usually do this once a month!

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