5 Oven Cleaning Tips Quick & Easy

5 Oven Cleaning Tips Quick & Easy

Self Cleaning Oven Tips

         Admittedly, we don’t clean oven everyday and when we do, we might wonder how to clean oven quickly and easily. There are so many oven cleanings tips online you can use as guidelines but every of them fit all oven condition. Topofficecleaner.com make it easier for you to clean oven by yourself by collecting self cleaning oven tips from professional and experts both online and offline and summarized into 5 oven cleaning tips that might help you more or less.


1.Baking Soda and Vinegar are good oven cleaners

          You can make a homemade oven cleaner from baking soda and vinegar which are cheap and easy to find. All you need to do is mixing ½ cup of baking soda with water in a bowl until it become a paste ready for using. Spreading this paste inside your oven with brush, especially around dirty area and leave it about half a day to make it saturate the grime. Then, clean up the paste with microfiber cloth and apply vinegar mixing with water to make your oven look shiny and free from bacteria and stains. That’s it, you can clean oven easily without spending a single cent.

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2.Use Lemon Juice as oven cleaner

          Apart from baking soda and vinegar, lemon juice has an acid substance useful for cleaning oven. If you have lemon left in refrigerator, bring out some, cut in half and squeeze the juice in bowl. After that, fill it with 1/3 of water and mixing it up. Then put the bowl in the oven and set timer for about 30 minutes, bake the bowl of lemon juice and wait. After half an hour passed, now use scouring pad to scrub away the dirty area and grime inside the oven. If the grime still hard, you should dip your scouring pad into lemon bowl and clean it up, now it would much easier to completely remove grease and grime out of your oven.

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5 Oven Cleaning Tips Quick & Easy

3.Washing Powder is a powerful oven racks cleaner

          If you unable to find how to clean dirty racks, washing powder will do. All you need to do is pouring some washing powder into a bowl of hot water, mixing it up and simply put oven racks into it, let the washing water saturate the grime about 7-8 hrs. Then, use scouring pad to scrub those stains and grimes out of the racks and use microfiber cloth dipped with some lemon juice to clean and shine it afterward. This is pretty easy way to clean oven racks but don’t forget to wash your hands after cleaning because washing powder could harm your skin.


4.Frequently steam clean outside the oven   

          If you don’t want to clean your oven every week, you should try to vacuum the outside of the oven instead. This would prevent oven from dust and bacteria that could make cleaning oven more difficult if you let them to take over your oven. There are some powerful and handy vacuum you can use to do so like Vax S4 Grime Master Steam Handheld which is pretty small and efficient to use for all types of vacuuming.

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5 Oven Cleaning Tips Quick & Easy

5.Use Homemade natural oven cleaner

          If baking soda, vinegar and washing powder didn’t work, the best way to cleaning oven once and for all is through using homemade natural oven cleaner. Of course, there are many of them but we recommended oven cleaner that making from natural substance like lemon or vinegar which safe for your skin and have no fume. One of them is Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner which have a substance of lemon, no need to wear protection gloves while using, great for spot-cleaning and can penetrate to grease. You can use a bottle of oven cleaner, microfiber cloth and a scouring pad, all will be enough to make your oven great and clean again. Good Luck!

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